What is the URC

The United Reformed Church was formed in 1972 when the Congregational Church in England and Wales united with the Presbyterian Church of England. In 1981, the new church united with the Re-formed Association of the Churches of Christ and in 2000, a further union with the Congregational Union of Scotland took place.

The churches making up the United Reformed Church each brought special insights and gifts to enhance the life of the new church.

Congregationalism (in three nations) brought the value of local decision-making and responsibility for the life and mission of the church.

Presbyterianism in England brought the value of elders who have the responsibility of pastoral care in the local congregation. It also brought the importance of “taking counsel” throughout the whole church so that all support each other.

The Churches of Christ brought the insight of weekly communion, of believers’ baptism and leadership through teams of elders.

A church that rejoices in its heritage and believes that God calls us onward in pilgrimage together — and we are

Always changing
Always creating change
Always developing
Always transforming

The good news of God's love in Jesus
Christ is made known in word and deed
in the present.

A gathering of people committed to offering worship to God together, serving the community in ways suited to it, supporting and being supported by one another and all God's people across the world. We listen to each other in the belief that through our shared listening under God's word, we may hear God calling us to work with Him. We are committed to support one another within the United Reformed Church by sharing responsibility for the costs of ministry and mission across the whole church.


The Commission of Covenanting Churches in which five denominations solemnly promise God and one other to work together in every way open to them.

Cytun within which 12 denominations share insights and resources.

Over 40% of our congregations are involved in close working with other denominations.

We are linked with the
World Alliance of Reformed Churches
The World Council of Churches
The Council for World Mission