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explore other avenues of offering such care from a distance. All
suggestions welcome.

Service to/with the wider community. Perhaps this has been the
hardest part of our church life to maintain during a lockdown state and
yet we have, in a number of ways, partnered with God’s mission of
love to the world through our community involvement over the last
few months which has included:

    • Raising awareness and money for Christian Aid through finding
         new and innovative ways to donate but also be aware of how
         people in other parts of the world are.

    • Supported the Foodbank through personal donations and

    • Involvement in online worship, meetings and synod events.
    • The invitation for prayers from the community.
    • Continued involvement with communities in which we are set.

In summary, we – the people – sculpted by the Creator, transformed
through Christ and enlivened by the Spirit, are the Church. Buildings,
gathered routine worship, post-service coffee and chat…all these
things might aid our participation in God’s mission of love to the
cosmos but they aren’t necessary for it. We have been church; we still
are church; and, by God’s grace, we will continue to be church,
whatever the future might have in store.

Where are we now?

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