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practices had to abruptly stop as we hurriedly worked out how we
could continue to offer some sort of weekly worship, pastoral care
within our community, and service to the wider community in a time
of fear and flux. Church communities across Wales, the UK and world
have responded in
hugely diverse ways, each and every one seeking to respond in a way
that us authentic to their social context, resources and demographics.
With the exception of obvious outliers, there has been no ‘right’ or
‘wrong’ model of this and yet I am certainly encouraged by the actions
we have taken –

Traditional worship – So far, alongside some signposts to daily/weekly
material online, on the radio and on tv, we have engaged in some
Easter liturgies and weekly sermons – now with a communal prayer
and musical input (the latter online only). The weekly sermons posted
each week have reached more folk than have been able to attend
Chapel for some a very long time.

Pastoral care– It has been a joy, though not a surprise, to see the
encouraging and compassionate pastoral care that we try to offer one
another continue during these strange few months. The use of notes,
cards, emails and other methods of church member-to-member
communication has enabled us to give each other practical and
prayerful support at this time. For those online, the weekly reflections,
Facebook group have provided further opportunity for informal chat,
community support and a simply a reason to smile. No system is
perfect, of course, and as with the other aspects of our church work,
we are sorry if anyone has felt overlooked by this as we continue to

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