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stress levels at airports have undoubtedly gone up because
of the increased security measures but I recognise the need
for them to keep everyone as safe as possible on the
journey. In the same way what we are doing is necessary to
keep us as safe as possible.

       We are also aware that some of us or our families may
feel the risk is too high in coming back to church again. We
will be continuing to post sermons and services as we do at
the moment to keep as many people as possible connected.
If you don’t already get a copy of the sermon by post or
email please get in touch and we’ll add you to the list.


Being Church During A Pandemic:
Where have we been; where are we now; where are we

Already, I think I can say that one of my defining memories of 2020 will
be the excitement of feeling at home amongst you all in the BBP.
Recognising that I am where God intended me to be and optimistic
about what God and we together could do about bringing about the
Kingdom! Since then, local floods, a national lockdown and a global
pandemic have turned our lives upside down and the words
coronavirus and Covid-19 have come to dominate our lives. We have

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