Sunday Morning Worship
Can I bring my children?
In a word, yes. The Family Services are most suitable, but we have an area in the chapel with books, coloured pencils and paper, toys and games which children are welcome to use at any time.
What happens at a Family Service?
At these services, worship is led by a team of our younger members and is specially organised to be interactive so that even young children can take part. The style is very relaxed and parents need not worry about little ones wanting to run around.
The chapel has level access from the parking area. Wheelchairs can be accommodated and the toilet is also wheelchair accessible.
What happens at Morning Worship?
We meet weekly, usually at 10:30 a.m., for an hour with either our minister or a local preacher leading the worship. The style is mostly traditional with Bible readings, prayers, hymns, and a sermon taking the largest slot. We sing a mixture of older hymns and new worship songs, usually from the newest edition of ‘Mission Praise’.

On the first Sunday of the month we have communion at the end of the service. For this, we leave our seats and go to sit around our historic communion table – something which is quite unique and reminds us of how the disciples would have sat around the table with Jesus.