Blaenllyndeg Farm

Thomas Lewis was named as one of the 1720 trustees of Maesyronnen Chapel. He lived in Blaenllyndeg Farm, about 2 miles north west of the chapel. In his will of 1730, as well as leaving funds that were used to buy Blaenau Uchaf, he left the farm:

…wherein he then dwelt unto Elizabeth his loving wife for and during and until William Beavan son of his nephew William Beavan deceased attained the age of one and twenty years..’  

The will further stipulated that Elizabeth should:

  ‘… out of the rents and profits of the said premises pay or cause to be paid yearly and every year the sum of four pounds to be distributed amongst the poor dissenting protestants residing near or generally assembling to celebrate divine worship according to the way and manner of dissenting protestants at Maesyronnen….’  

This fee was to be paid to the trustees including the then minister Rev’d John Price for distribution at their discretion. The will went on to say that if the fee was not forthcoming, then a minimum of any two trustees could enter the premises and demand payment, or take goods to the required value!  

Again to fulfil the terms of the will, it was stated that should the number of trustees be reduced to three or less, then further trustees should be appointed by the congregation. Therefore in 1746, 1791, 1833 and 1867 the indentures record changes of trustees. The indenture of 1897 states that the payment of £4 was made on 2nd May 1895 and a chapel meeting held on 2nd April 1897 nominated new trustees  

This payment is still made to this very day. Every year the current occupier of Blaenllyndeg gives £4 to the chapel treasurer in return for a signature of receipt in a small book kept by the farm. Although £4 doesn’t go very far now, it still contributes to the upkeep of the chapel.